Different Orange Processor companies in Nigeria, running in varied spheres such as for instance Manufacturing, Telecoms, Banking, Consumer services are springing up with new concepts that could set them ahead of their rivals. The post Separate epoch (1960 until date) has seen the constant influx of companies both regional and Global into the advertising market, desperate to compete in the Nigerian start industry Championship. An annual event presented to ascertain which companies products/services thrived probably the most in the Nigerian Market. Their performances were scored by the profits published throughout the Companies Annual Normal Meetings. A few who began the race at its inception continue to be in contention for the golden prize, while their alternatives have fallen as you go along side.

The competition to master the Nigerian industry has developed tougher with each driving year, and companies have deployed different advertising techniques “in and from the box” in a bid to grab the market. As an example the normal usage of promos by companies luring customers to purchase their services and products and fundamentally wining whooping monetary benefits and numerous consolation rewards, sport shows/lottery, where hot monetary packages are up for holds by customers who participate and obey stipulated recommendations have grown to be rampant. These’around flogged advertising techniques ‘, have propelled a few to look towards the way of the celebrities (especially these in the Entertainment circuit) to invoke a Sales- Refill needed seriously to thrust them much ahead of their competitors.


In the eyes of the public, celebrities Reinwand are viewed as an unusual distinctive breed of Homosapiens who transfer about by having an feeling of effectiveness, and possess the golden touch capable of transforming the ordinary in to extra-ordinary within a breaking next within their respective picked career. They possess the ability to help keep ones eyes riveted to them, igniting the star hit problem on the fans. They easily mix up enjoyment in the audience with some cringing their necks significantly to the nerves discomfort, in a bid to get a glimpse of them. That sensation is most beneficial described all through stay shows performed by popular artistes when the audience switches into a frenzy, with the babes obviously shouting their names(if they are guys) and yelling “I Enjoy You X”, extremely shedding holes, and often fainting or nearly fainting at the smallest physical connection with the stars or otherwise.

The cards of these good guys and girls who wield the economic wands within their hands are kissed and talked to by their fans who’ve them put in a corner of their rooms, and dream constantly about how good they could have been together, profess their undying passion for them, adoring, idolizing them, thereby provoking the nice Master to jealousy. Celebrities by reason of their reputation normally possess the ability to impact people to trade loyalty to the endorsed brands, and produce such advertisements to linger frequently within their memory information banks. On a greater stand, celebrities such as for instance Wayne Earl Jones endorsed “CNN”, Catherine Zeta- Jones “Elizabeth Arden”, and Pepsi has frequently created usage of Global prime scored footballers and artistes to market its brand.


In Nigeria, the thought of using celebrities to market different brands was at its lowest ebb just before 2007. Promotion companies on the pay move of competitor companies wonderfully applied “As yet not known looks” to test and lure possible customers in to purchasing these products being estimated or to keep up customers loyalty or start a combination flooring to the use of the exhibited services and products, through the Electric media(dominantly TV).


1. IGNORANCE: Many Promotion practitioners were not conversant with the thought of using celebrities to market the brands. These were employed to only promote, present these products of their clients to audiences, that they did. These were perhaps not deeply involved in any advertising strategy to out do brands from competitor companies.


2. INDIFFERENCE: A few were somewhat indifferent, adopted a lackadaisical approach to the concept, simply because they thought that the use of celebrities had no impact on the standard result of the advertisements made, so why trouble with them?

3. UNWILLINGNESS TO SPEND: Many Customers were reluctant to pay the charges needed to interact the services of the celebrities to market the brands in the offer (which was not as high priced when compared with what obtains today). Only a few consented to the soliciting and final usage of celebrities including the today defunct General Trust Bank (UTB offer: Main Zebrudaya and Jegede of the New masquerade TV collection fame), Visine attention lowers (Regina Askia), Day new (Bimbo Oloyede), Panadol ( Ovuleria, Akpena in the TV number of the New masquerade), New Elephant Orange detergent (Chief Zebrudaya, Samanja)


4. LOW COMPETITON: A handful of companies with rivals providing brands in the exact same sector existed. In the 80's we fundamentally had two identified competitor brands of services and products attracted from different spheres for eg Cleaners “Omo and Elephant Orange”, Dramas “Lux and “Cussons Imperial leather”, Smooth beverages “Cola and Pepsi”, Vehicles “Peugeot and Volkswagen “.On another give a few companies made brands that gone unchallenged such as for instance Okin cookies, Top Milk, Maltina, Robb, Thermocool fridge/freezers.

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